BaseSafe Tokenomics: An Overview

Welcome to a detailed breakdown of the tokenomics for BaseSafe ($SAFE), designed to provide clarity and transparency for all participants in the ecosystem.

Token Information:

  • Token Name: BaseSafe ($SAFE)

  • Total Supply: 1,000 $SAFE Tokens

Initial Distribution:

Fair Launch:

  • 94% of Total Supply (940 $SAFE) will be available through a fair launch on the Uniswap ETH chain, ensuring direct access for users from the liquidity pool at the outset.

Team Allocation:

  • 4% of Total Supply (40 $SAFE) is reserved for the project's team, recognizing their commitment to development and project management.

Marketing Fund:

  • 2% of Total Supply (20 $SAFE) is allocated to a marketing wallet, dedicated to promotional activities, partnerships, and marketing campaigns aimed at enhancing project visibility and volume.

Liquidity Pool:

  • Initial Funding: 0.35 ETH and USDC corresponding to 0.35 ETH will be added to the Uniswap liquidity pool at launch to facilitate immediate trading of $SAFE against both ETH and USDC, providing arbitrage opportunities between them which is essential liquidity for the token's market activities.

Transaction Tax Structure:

Transaction taxes are designed to fuel ecosystem growth and enhance token value without hindering direct transactions with the BaseSafe DApp.

Buying $SAFE on Uniswap:

  • 3% Tax on Purchase:

    • 1.5% to the BaseSafe Vault: Funds the enhancement of $SAFE's price within the DApp.

    • 1.5% to Marketing Wallet: Supports ongoing promotional efforts to attract new users and encourage active trading.

Selling $SAFE on Uniswap:

  • 3% Tax on Sale:

    • 1.5% to the BaseSafe Vault: Similar to the buying tax, this supports the increment of the token's price within the DApp.

    • 1.5% to Marketing Wallet: Receives a greater share compared to purchases, ensuring robust marketing initiatives for sustained growth and engagement.

Transactions with the BaseSafe DApp:

  • No Tax on Selling to the DApp: When selling $SAFE tokens back to the BaseSafe DApp, there is no tax applied. This allows for a frictionless process, encouraging users to interact with the DApp, ensuring tokens are burned (removed from circulation), and in turn, potentially increasing the value of remaining $SAFE tokens through decreased supply.

This thoughtful tax structure ensures a balanced ecosystem where the value can be dynamically supported by internal and external transactions, promoting a healthy, engaging, and sustainable trading environment for $SAFE tokens.

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